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Our French Alps Tour in Retrospect

The pictures tell the story. Lots of spectacular scenery, quiet roads, big mountains and smiling faces.

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour

Our tour started at the Cornavin Hotel in downtown Geneva. Our group assembled here and that evening we had a traditional Savoyard welcome dinner to get into the mountain mood. Our riders arrived by plane, train and automobile so the location near the train station, with its easy connection from the airport, made getting to the hotel fairly simple.

Day 2 is the official start of the riding. From the hotel in Geneva it is not necessary to use a van till the ride concludes at the summit of the Alpe d’Huez 8 days later. Geneva is well set up for cycle commuting and we took advantage of the off road/on road cycle paths to quickly get out of the city. Our target was always in sight. The Saleve. Our first day of riding lets us warm up gradually to the big climbs of the coming days. Having said that, the climb to the summit is still challenging. It is farming country at first then it is into the forest. The road is quiet. The climb steady at around 6-8%. Perfect. The views back to Geneva in the west and the Mont Blanc to the east are stunning.

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour

After a coffee break at the cable car restaurant it is a sharp descent to the northern end of the Saleve. On our traverse along the reverse side of the Saleve we stopped for the Diamond Cycle Tours picnic lunch. Lots of cheese, baguettes and all the other essentials to keep riders fuelled up for the day. Then it was on to Annecy, our overnight stop.

Annecy is France’s answer to Venice but on a much smaller scale. We stay in the old town where we settled into a bar on the canal and watched the end of the TdF stage. Then it was tourist time wandering around the shops to the lake and for those with strength still in their legs, a walk up the hill to the Chateau. We all got together again for a dinner overlooking the canal. Talk turned to the next day of riding as we hit the Semnoz.

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour

In 2013 the TdF finished a stage at the summit of the Semnoz and our tour group was there to watch it. This year we climbed roads that were nice and quiet. Most of the climb is in the forest. Finally though we emerge to the open fields at the top which are for grazing and walking in summer and skiing in winter. The hotel is a great rest stop after a pretty tough climb so after coffee comes the descent back to Lake Annecy. This is a different route to the climb and it is fabulous for the views, the quality of the road surface thanks to le Tour and the great twists and turns. The views of the lake are stunning. This is a very big lake and it is surrounded by spectacular mountains. Looking across the lake we can see our second climb of the day, the Croix Fry. First it is a run down the old train track that is now an excellent cycle way, through the well lit tunnel, and around the western tip of the lake before we turn and head back towards the col that is the Croix Fry. After the second summit of the day its a long descent to La Clusaz where we stay the night. La Clusaz is a ski town but of course its history well pre-dates skiing. The town was a centre of the resistance in WWII and plaques commemorating the heroes can be seen at the Mairie.

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour

Our fourth day of riding is one of our biggest and best. From La Clusaz we climb the Aravis. The massif that surrounds us takes its name from this col, or is it the other way around. At the summit we stop and take photos of the simple but very beautiful church. It is not a long climb to the Aravis so we are quickly on our way down the other side. Here we lose a lot of altitude as we make a long descent to Flumet (pictured above). This is a great spot for a coffee and a break. The village is typical of many small towns in France that grew up on either side of a key roadway and of course next to the river. So we make sure to enjoy the streetscape but walking to the other side of the shops the view of the gorge, the stone bridge we are soon to ride over and the surrounding forest makes us think the shops are all facing the wrong way!

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour

The next climb is the Saisie and it really is to a ski field. The gradient is steady, the forest quiet and the roads empty. At the summit we picnic as we need fuel before the penultimate climb of the day, the Cormet de Roselend. But first it is another long and wonderful descent to the town of Beaufort, home of one of France’s most famous cheeses. No stopping to taste the chees though, we roll straight through the town and head to the climb of the Cormet. Initially it is a steady climb following the stream. At the end of a very pretty recreation area the road turns abruptly up as we commence the climb proper with its many switch backs as it wends its way to the first of its summits. The views back to Beaufort are stunning and it is always amazing to see how much altitude we gain on these climbs in a short amount of time. Emerging from the forest we see the hydro dam at what appears to be the summit. Great spot for a picnic lunch. After, we descend around the dam before the final climb to the real summit. Now it is all open pasture. There are cafes if you need a break but we roll past with our eye on the prize of the summit a further 5 kms beyond the dam and with plenty climbing still to be done.

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour

It is a great photo opportunity at the summit. But then it is time to get the wind proof on for the 20km descent to Bourg Saint Maurice. But our riding day is not yet over. Our target is Seez, on the route of Col du Petit Saint Bernard. Our hotel is about 12kms up the route to the col. However it is steady rather than steep climb and we are quickly at the hotel. Here the showers and the bar prove popular. The lure of a pool saw the more energetic in our group diving in for a very quick cool down. Our dinner in the hotel that evening was a highlight with many tales now being told of the riding and other things. The real treat though came in the morning when we set a group to conquer the summit of the Col du Petit Saint Bernard. This is not part of our ‘official’ ride but was encouraged. Our aim was to get into Italy at the summit so we could get a ‘real’ coffee. Gorgeous ride, Gorgeous coffee. Mission accomplished. It was then back to the hotel to re-join the balance of our group and get on the road to Val d’Isere. Pictured below is Tim at the summit of the Col du Petit St Bernard. Our bikes are flanked by the flags of Italy, France and the European Union.



Our fifth day is somewhat of a rest day. The distance is short as we traverse the valley to Val d’Isere. However the valley isn’t flat so some work has to be done to get up the valley, past the dams and ski resorts to the village of Val d’Isere at the head of the valley. Here we relax and take in the spectacular scenery. Free lifts can be had to the ski fields above the village so some of us went there. Others shopped in the village or enjoyed a beer while watching the TdF. We must have enjoyed our evening meal a lot that night as the decibel rating was definitely on the high side. Needless to say we all slept well.

The next morning it is the Iseran. This is the highest pass in Europe. It is entirely above the tree line. In summer we only see dairy cattle and marmottes. And the occasional snow drifts that let you know how high up we really are. At the summit we re-group take photos and get set for a long descent. Our target at the bottom of the descent is Bonneval sur Arc, a Unesco listed village constructed entirely of the local stone and slate. We have coffee in a local café and enjoy the atmosphere before heading down the Murienne Valley towards our next climb, the Telegraphe. But first we had a long down hill transit. It is not a roll though as there is always a bit of a headwind in the valley. So when we reach the lunch spot at the fort guarding the valley we are all pretty happy for refreshments and a break. Now we start thinking about the Telegraphe. Reaching the foot of the Telegraphe we look up to see the imposing fort/telegraphe building that the mountain is named after. The actual climb is steady rather than steep. It was hot this year so that always adds a degree of difficulty. As the sign below shows it is quite a climb. As riders reached the summit Antony was there to hand out cool drinks and encouragement. The restaurant at the summit was pretty popular. From here we rolled to our stop for the night in Valloire.

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour


Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps TourValloire may be a ski and tourist town now but it has been a centre of agriculture for most of its long history. We head for the bar and watch the finish of the Tour stage before going for a wander around the village. It is not big so it doesn’t take long to do the walk. Just as well with our tired legs. It has been an excellent day on the bike. But our thoughts are now turning to the Galibier.

Day 6 and we are climbing the Galibier. From Valloire it is a gentle start as we work our way up the valley. When we reach the Pantani memorial at the end of the valley we know the real climb is about to begin. As with the Iseran there are no trees at this altitude. At times the road ahead is all too visible. Now its time to dig in and knock off bend after  bend with the end always in sight. Some of us ride with a buddy, others prefer to ride in their own zone. There are plenty of riders on the mountain and lots of encouragement given. Near the summit there is a car tunnel to the other side and it is tempting to skip through it, but none of us takes that option. The last kilometre is tough. The slope ramps up to 12% or more and at the end of a 17km climb the legs are burning. As one by one we reach the summit and the van the smiles replace the grimaces and all is well again.

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour

After refreshments and photos we head down to the Col du Lautaret. This is our viewing point for the Tour which is making its way up the Valley from Bourg d’Oisins. We position our van in a great spot on the route near the hotel. We then relax over coffee and a picnic lunch as first the publicity caravan and then finally the peloton turn up. By now there are thousands of fans lining the Col with us. We climb up on the roof of the van to get the best view. It is a great sight. First the break away and then the peloton. There goes the yellow jersey! There goes Gerro and the Orica Greenedge boys. Go Gerro. Standing next to us is the BMC helper with bottles and gels for his riders. He managed to give one of his bottles away but the rest he gave to us after lots of revving up on our part. A highlight for Dave our only BMC bike rider.

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour

With the Tour gone we re-assemble on the bikes and start our descent down to Bourg d’Oisans. Once past the Tour traffic it is a scenic ride with hydro dams and towering mountains. There are tunnels so the lights were needed. At Bourg we stopped at a café and watched the finish of the Tour before the final climb of the day, the Alpe d’Huez. The weather was warm and the climb as usual, tough. But there is something about this climb that is indeed magical. Perhaps it is the publicity it gets. Perhaps it is the 21 switch backs each of which is identified by number and named after a former winner. For whatever reason it is still a highlight ride. This is certainly the feeling expressed by our first time Alpe riders. But even for those of us who have ridden it many times it is still a buzz. The trick at the top though is to know where the race actually finishes. With all the cafes at the entry to the village it is tempting to stop at that point. However the real finish is nearly another 2kms on to the top of the village. We had no choice as our hotel was near the real finish line so for us it was all the way. A great way to finish our tour. That night we had our final dinner and it was a beauty.

Diamond Cycle Tours - Classic French Alps Tour

So that was our ride. About 450kms. Our last day was a van transit back to Geneva. But for some of our group doing back to back tours it was another day on the Alpe to challenge themselves again before heading off to the Dolomites to see what a really big mountain looks like!

Alpe d'Huez with its 21 corners


Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under

13-21 January 2018

Make a booking

Tour Dates – 13 – 21 January 2018   

Availability – Open

Cost – from $1700 depending on single or twin share arrangement

Phone Rob+61 (0) 416 274 161 to secure a spot

Email rob@diamondcycletours.com


Tour and inclusions

We stay in Adelaide CBD in the thick of the cycling action.

Our program includes guided rides each day.

All riders are provided with the great Diamond Cycle Tours kit.

Our catering marquees will be at our viewing point and your place to relax and watch the race over lunch.

The program is for roadies but does not require a high level of fitness. Weekend warriors will be able to handle all the rides in our program. If the legs get tired we have vehicle support. If you want to attack the hills we can accommodate that as well. Mostly we ride as a bunch enjoying the surroundings while on the way to our viewing point. We are not running a race. And just as well because we cover 60 to 100 kilometers each day.

We stay in apartments close to the TDU Village and surrounded by restaurants and cafes.

Our tour is great value at prices from $1700 depending on single or twin share arrangement. The price includes:

  • apartment accommodation in Adelaide CBD
  • guided rides each day with vehicle support
  • catered lunches on most days at the viewing point
  • all riders are provided with the great Diamond Cycle Tours kit
  • encouragement and support for all riders from Diamond Cycle Tours staff

Our Program

Saturday 13 January- Team Presentations

This is a settle in day for us. No organised ride but a chance to set the bikes up and check out the City of Adelaide Tour Village and attend the Team Presentations in Victoria Square.

Sunday 14 January– People’s Choice Classic 

Today is an opportunity for a ride to the beach at Glenelg or just a roll around the green belt that surrounds the Adelaide CBD. Otherwise it is a roll or stroll to the City of Adelaide Tour Village to check out the preparations by the teams for the evenings street race. Here you will also see the sponsors stands with all the latest products and lots of giveaways! Racing starts at 7.15pm so we will have our tent set up at a good viewing point to take in the race.

Diamond Cycle Tours marquee

Monday 15 January- Rest Day

Today we have a ride through the hills that ends at the beach! It will also definitely include a coffee shop. The Adelaide Hills are popular as a tourist spot and also great for riding. One of the best ways to experience the riding and take in the views is with a ride to the Mt Lofty Summit.  This is the highest point in the Adelaide Hills and is dominated by the iconic obelisk which till just after WWII was a critical navigation aid.
After the hills we ride to the seaside at Glenelg. Our target is a coffee shop in trendy Glenelg where you will invariably be mixing with the pros. This is a light day on the bike covering about 60 to 100 kilometres of riding (depending on options taken).

Tuesday  16 January– Stage 1 – Port Adelaide to Lyndoch

Our ride today will take us to a mid point in the Adelaide Hills at the Humbug Scrub KOM. Our return will loop us back through the hills to Adelaide.

Wednesday 17 January – Stage 2 – Unley to Stirling

Today we set up our marquee near Stirling where there will be 3 laps through the town.

Thursday 18 January – Stage 3 – Glenelg to Victor Harbour

The KOM is at Pennys Hill Road, McLaren Flat. This is a great spot for us to ride to and watch the race.

Diamond Cycle Tours Tour Down Under viewing point

Friday 19 January – Bupa Stage 4 – Norwood to Uraidla

The ride today will take us by a circuitous route to Norton Summit Road where the KOM is at Teringie just 7kms from the finish at Uraidla.

wp_20160117_006 wp_20160119_003

Saturday 20 January – Stage 5 – McLaren Vale to Wilunga Hill

This is the Queen stage and often decides the winner of the GC. We will set up our marquee on Main Road, McLaren Vale. From here the race heads to Wilunga Hill and our group will be able to get on to the Hill to see one of the classic battles of the TDU unfold.

 Sunday 21 January – Stage 6 – Be Safe Be Seen MAC  Street Circuit (90km)
Start 1.30pm (King William Road, Elder Park)

The final stage of the Santos Tour Down Under in 2017 will see the peloton race through the streets of Adelaide on this fast-paced 4.5km circuit.

Touching the tip of the Tour Village and starting and finishing by Elder Park next to the banks of the River Torrens, there are plenty of great vantage points to catch the riders fly past.

Make sure you are there roadside as the first winner for the 2018 UCI WorldTour season is crowned.

Today is a viewing day for the race and we will be set up at the KOM point at Montefiore Hill. For those who still have their bikes unpacked we will do a beach run in the morning.

Subaru King of the Mountain: Montefiore Hill (near Pennington Terrace) x 2

Sprint: King William Road (at finish arch) x 2

This is the last day of our tour and the street circuit is a great way to finish it off. Now it just remains to enjoy the final race and reminisce about a great week on the bike.

Guided Cycle Touring in Europe with Diamond Cycle Tours

Guided Cycle Touring in Europe with Diamond Cycle Tours

Conquer the Grand Alps – Geneva to Nice Cycling Tour 2024

Experience legendary climbs, breathtaking scenery, and charming towns on this unforgettable small-group adventure.

This classic route, running from September 3rd to 19th, 2024, takes you on a journey from the majestic peaks of the French Alps to the sun-kissed shores of the French Riviera.

Ride iconic climbs: Conquer legendary ascents like the Joux Plane, Colombier, Alpe d’Huez, Croix de Fer, Madone and Col d’Eze, following the footsteps of Tour de France champions.

Discover hidden gems: Beyond the famous cols, ride through charming villages, picturesque valleys, and breathtaking mountain passes you won’t find in the guidebooks.

Small group experience: Enjoy the camaraderie in our small-group format, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all levels.


  • 16 days of cycling: Cover approximately 1200 kilometers with daily distances ranging from 50 to 130 kilometers.
  • Support:  Luggage transportation and route guidance are provided but riders need to ride between accommodation centers.
  • Comfortable accommodations: Relax in charming hotels and guesthouses, carefully chosen for their location and atmosphere.
  • Delicious meals: This is a self-cater tour but we get to savor regional specialties and enjoy authentic French cuisine.


Cycle Tours

Diamond Cycle Tours

Stages and profiles Geneva to Nice – Tuesday 3 to Friday 20, 2024

The routes below are not final but are a close guide to the Geneva to Nice ride route we will use.

Approximate distance is 1200 kms or an average of 75 kms per day.

Approximate meters climbed is 22800 or 1400 per day. 

Day 1 – Tuesday 3 September 
Col de la Ramaz is the main climb on the profile below
Day 2 – Wednesday 4 September
The Joux Plane and Colombier are the main climbs on the profile below
Day 3 – Thursday 5 September
The Col de la Croix Fry is the main climb on the profile below.

Day 4 – Friday 6 September Loop ride Annecy TBA

Day 5 – Saturday 7 September 

The Semnoz is the main climb on the profile below.
Day 6 – Sunday 8 September
The Madeleine and the Lacets de Vernier are the main climbs on the profile below.
Day 7 – Monday 9 September – Loop ride from St Jean de Maurienne TBA
Day 8 – Tuesday 10 September
The Croix de Fer is the main ride on the profile below.
Day 9 – Wednesday 11 September – Loop ride from Bourg d’Oisins TBA
Day 10 – Thursday 12 September
The climb on the profile below is the Lautaret.
Day 11 – Friday 13 September
The Col d’Izoard is the main climb on the profile below.
Day 12 – Saturday 14 September
The ride is all about the lake today.
Day 13 – Sunday 15 September

The climb on the profile is the Col de Bonnette 

Day 14 – Monday 16 September
The climb on the profile is to get us to Limone Piemonte
Day 15 – Tuesday 17 September
Day 16 – Wednesday 18 September
Day 17 – Thursday 19 September
The climbs on the profile are the Madone and the Col d’Eze

Day 18 – Friday 20 September. Tour finishes after breakfast at hotel.