La Marmotte-the classic Alps sportif

Entries to the Marmotte opened today and a large number of our Classic Alps Tour group have entered. This shows a real love of climbing mountains! The climbs are:

Marmotte -- Groundhog

Marmotte — Groundhog (Photo credit: Gilles Gonthier)


  • 36km – Col du Glandon (1,924m)
  • 92km – Col du Télégraphe (1,566m)
  • 115km – Col du Galibier (2,645m)
  • 122km – Col du Lautaret (2,058m)
  • 174km  – Alpe d’Huez (1,880m)

 We will have ridden all but the Glandon during our tour so ‘good on you boys’ for tackling them again in the sportif!

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