Diamond Cycle Tours will be at Spring Classics 2014

The Spring Classics will be on the Diamond Cycle Tours program in 2014. 

Tour of Flanders The Tour of Flanders is a race for the real hard men with the weather and the pave usually combining to make the riders lives as difficult as possible.

But to prevail on these courses is to enter a unique piece of riding tradition. We may not suffer on our tour like the pros but we will enjoy the challenge every bit as much. Just to ride the famous rides with names scarily familiar like Oude-Kwaremont, Paterberg, Koppenberg and Kruisberg is one of cyclings great must do’s. We have yet to see the 2014 course but you can guarantee the hills in the Flemish Ardennes will feature again. And of course we will be among the hundred thousand cycling fans on the course who make the trip to Flanders to watch the race and soak up the atmosphere.



Don’t you just want to ride over these!

Driver Education or Catch it on Video

RD Canberra  Times-bikecam-620x349

Cycling in Europe exposes us to a wonderful culture of cycling on the roads. Drivers are mostly very respectful to cyclists. Unfortunately that is not always the case in Australia. We do our best to be polite road users as cyclists and promote sharing the roads and paths. As a promotional tool we use bike cameras to record tours. The Canberra Times has run an article in which they spoke to Rob Diamond about the camera as a tool for catching motorists who do the wrong thing by cyclists either deliberately or by accident. Click here to see that article.

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